For the month of August the Dauphin and District Chamber of Commerce has been sharing the stories of their members across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Stephen Chychota says they’re doing the Stronger Together campaign to show off their network and members.

“We have this really great way of taking some of their stories, we got some questions we wanted to ask them and build some content out of that. So all of August, we’ll have at least one picture per day and it’ll come out across all our platforms and we just really want to show off that network and what it means to be stronger together.”

Chychota adds that someone in business doesn’t have to be on their own and feel like they’re the only one out there doing their thing with no supports. Chychota says there’s a network the Chamber can provide and a membership everyone can lean on.

He says all the posts have some really great stories and you get to hear how COVID changed things, why they’re in business, and what it means to be a Chamber member. But, there’s one post that stands out to Stephen.

“I can’t get over BOHO Tatoo’s post where a guy got #StrongerTogether actually tattooed on him and for his own reasons, it wasn’t exactly a part of this campaign, it means something for him and it just was fitting I guess and just great timing, it worked out and I can’t believe that Robbie pulled this off and yeah, it’s a great post, great picture. If you haven’t seen it I’d highly recommend, go check that out on any one of our platforms cause it’s dangling out there, but yeah, really cool stuff.”