Things have definitely looked a bit different this summer in the Parkland, with many of our usual plans being interrupted by COVID-19.

CKDM wanted to know just how much people have had to adapt their summer plans.

 “One of the things that affected our summer was that we ended up camping a lot more – almost every weekend because we weren’t going or doing anything else so it made us spend a lot more time outdoors,” says one woman in Dauphin.

One mother explains it’s difficult to take her young kids out in public because of Public Health guidelines.

 “It affected our summer a lot because I have 3 boys, and you can’t keep them in the house for too long. There are other precautions when you take them out now. You’re basically trying to keep them clean, sanitize wherever they go, make sure they don’t touch anything. It’s more outdoors now than anything, trying to find anywhere that we can take the boys where we think there wouldn’t be that many people.”

``Honestly, I haven`t noticed much of a change” says another Parklander. “ I`m still going to beaches, going out and noticing lots of people I don`t really feel that it`s been affected that much.``

It seems like people are saying they've still been able to have a good summer -- spending more time outdoors and with their families. Looking ahead, it seems at least a few Parklanders are eagerly awaiting the return of our normal summer routine.