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For the second straight year, the Parkland Chamber of Commerce is hosting an international trip for residents.

After going to Portugal last fall, this year's trip will take interested individuals to Costa Rica.

Chamber Executive Director Stephen Chychota says an information night regarding the trip is set for February 13th starting at 7 pm at the Contryfest Cinema.

"Representatives from the Collect Travel Company, who we are using at this time to take us to Costa Rica, will be on hand to go through everything and anything about this trip.  So if anybody at all is interested in this trip and needs a little bit more information on it, you can come out and pick his brain.  He is going to go through everything, including a full itinerary, maybe some experience videos, pictures of what the resorts are going to look like, the jungles, the excursions, the zip lining and bridges, and everything that we will be seeing along the way."

Chychota says interest is already strong for their 2024 trip.

"We have 22 seats already spoken for out of 38 that we can have. So yes lots of interest in it already."

Chychota says the Chamber trip is more than just a revenue generator for the organization.

"It is ultimately an experience tat we want to try to bring to people.  We are going to see different places, different businesses, different cultures and stuff like that.  Just a little bit more of a global experience."

The information night is free for anyone to attend. 

Dauphin City Council has awarded a contract for rehabilitation work on the Buckwold Bridge on 4th Avenue Southwest.   

Armcom Ltd of Stonewall was the lowest of the five bids received at $1.089 million and was eventually selected as the winning bid by council during a special meeting on Monday night.

Work on the site is expected to begin by the end of this month, with the target date for completion of the project set for July 12th.

Among the work to be done is installing a new glass fibre polymer reinforcing, partial depth replacement of the bridge deck, new concrete, compression seal replacement, and curb and gutter repairs. 

The DRCSS has announced that the North East section of the school has re-opened after repairs to the F3 air handling unit were completed.

That portion of the school was closed in January of 2022 after the air handling unit for that portion of the school broke down during an extended winter break brought on by COVID-19.

The re-opening of the northeast corner of the high school includes the re-opening of the Healthy Living Centre, which is being used once again for Phys Ed classes. 

It will be fully open to staff and students after school, beginning the week of February 20th. 

The RCMP have arrested a man after finding a stolen truck near Ebb and Flow,

After being informed of a suspicious black truck being in the ditch of Road 130 North near Reedy Creek.

Upon their arrival, the truck was no longer there and the RCMP began their search of the area. The truck was later spotted but refused to stop for the police.

The vehicle was stuck in a ditch off Highway 278, at the south end of Ebb and Flow First Nation. Police said a man was seen fleeing on foot. He was arrested following a brief pursuit.

The vehicle was confirmed to be stolen, and a search of it found a loaded shotgun, a small amount of cocaine, and drug paraphernalia.

The 30-year-old suspect was arrested on multiple charges, including Possession for Trafficking, Possession of Property Obtained by Crime x2, Resisting Arrest, Unauthorized, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon, Possession of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle, Possession of a Prohibited Weapon with Ammo without Licence/Registration.

Wayne Becks is back in court today (Monday), this time in Minnedosa.

The 40-year-old Dauphin man faces several charges, including aggravated assault and uttering threats following an alleged incident in November of 2022.

Yellowhead RCMP says a woman suffered serious, life-altering injuries as a result of a serious assault. 

The truck driver arrested in connection with the largest narcotics seizure in prairie history has made his initial court appearance.

Komalpreet Sidhu, 29, of Winnipeg was in a Brandon court last Thursday, after being arrested on January 14th and charged with the importation of methamphetamine and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. 

A semi-trailer driven by Sidhu was en route to Winnipeg when it was searched at the Boissevain port of entry by the Canada Border Services Agency.

406.2 kilograms of what's believed to be methamphetamine was found inside a commercial truck, with the total amount of suspected drugs seized adding up to an estimated street value of more than $50.7 million.

Sidhu requested and was granted bail, but with conditions.  

They include paying $20,000 for his release and a cash deposit of $20,000 in surety, as well as his wife serving as a surety and a friend giving a $100,000 surety.

He is also not allowed to possess illegal narcotics, alcohol, or weapons, and has to abide by an 8 pm to 6 am curfew, as well as wearing a GPS device at all times.

Sidhu must also surrender his passport to the RCMP and must not apply for any other form of travel documents.

Police in Winnipeg have laid manslaughter charges against the parents of a baby who died last year from a fentanyl overdose. 

Police say paramedics were called in March to a home where they found a one-year-old girl non-responsive. 

The child was transported to hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

An autopsy and toxicology reports determined her death was due to high levels of fentanyl in her system. 

Investigators allege the father and mother were aware the baby had ingested the substance but waited hours before calling for help. 

Police say Garry Daniel Adrian Bruce, who is 38, and Sabrina Faye Boulette, who is 37, were arrested Friday and remain in custody.

With files from the Canadian Press 

32-year-old Jory Rowe has seen his court matters adjourned for another week. 

The Winnipeg native was charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking following a 2021 drug bust in the RM of Dauphin. 

In March of that year, RCMP pulled over a vehicle about 10 km west of Ochre River on Highway 5 and arrested the driver after he failed to provide a breath sample. 

A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up about 195 grams of suspected cocaine, a large variety of cannabis products, cash, and an open bottle of liquor.

Rowe was in Winnipeg court lastTuesday and has had his case adjourned until February 6th. 

Photo Courtesy Of Obsolete Brewing's Facebook Page

Dauphin's Craft Brewery has once again gained some large-scale recognition, as Brewmaster Marcos Bardelli has been named Brewer of the Year.

"I'd like the thank everyone for the support. It's been amazing. We're not even a year old and you guys supported us all the way through here. This award is recognition not just for me, not for the brewery, but for the whole community that supported us. If it wasn't for you guys, I'm sure I wouldn't be here and the brewery wouldn't have all the awards we have already, so yah, thank you, thank you all."

That's Bardelli, commenting from his hotel room in Toronto after the Brewer's Journal of Canada held its award ceremony.

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to our Marcos Bardelli, who has been named Brewer of the Year....

Posted by Obsolete Brewing Company on Thursday, February 1, 2024

Bardelli has honed his craft in his home of Brazil for over a decade before moving to Dauphin to create the incredible lineup of drinks that you can find at Obsolete Brewing in downtown Dauphin.

he'll be back in town in the coming week, so be sure to congratulate him when you stop by the brewery

It was all smiles at the Parkland Humane Society on Saturday morning.

In memory of Adrian Gulay's love for dogs, Brian Onofriechuk delivered more than 1500 pounds of dog food to the PHS. Receiving donations from all over the Parkland over the last few months, Onofriechuk was nearly in tears on Saturday when he delivered the food to the shelter in Dauphin.

"Even during these poor economic times, this just shows that people will still support a great cause in memory of a great man and a great friend of mine," said Onofriechuk. "I want to thank everyone that donated, it is so greatly appreciated."

The food will now be used to assure puppies and adult dogs throughout the region are fed and in good spirits. 

For the second Saturday in a row, Ukrainian Culture will be mixed with some exciting local hockey at Credit Union Place. 

The Parkland U18 Rangers host their Ukrainian night on Saturday evening when they welcome the Interlake Lightning. 

Event organizer Ryan Rauliuk says they are hoping for a full house at Credit Union Place tomorrow night when the Rangers host Interlake.

"We are sitting at about 1,000 tickets sold so far.  We are aiming for a sell-out (2,100 tickets), and with some Ranges business packs that are out there that will be utilized, so we probably have about 800 tickets still left.  And they are going to go pretty quickly.  The buzz around the community is awesome.  And for five bucks you are going to get a crazy amount of entertainment."

Among the activities being planned are a live band and dancers, Ukrainian food, a kubasaw toss and perogy races, as well as special pre-game presentations during puck drop.

Rauliuk hopes everyone attending will also bring their Babas and Gidos tp the game.

" We will put their names into a draw, as we are giving away a free sofa and loveseat to Baba and Gido, or just Baba or Gido.  So we want the kids to bring Baba and Gido to the game and get their names into this free draw.  The perogy races will also be free."

The Rangers will also wear special jerseys that will honour the 50th anniversary of the Cossacks, which will be available through an online auction.

Rauliuk says the community is a big reason why this event is a success.

"I have the ideas and everybody just runs with it.  I have to thank the Parkland area and communities, CKDM, all of the people that made this happen, including Ukrainian cultural groups. And at the end of the day, that is where the money that we raise is going to.  Some will go to the Rangers and some will go to Ukrainian organizations.  I keep none of it, that is not my mandate.  My mandate is to support the Ukrainian culture and heritage of this community. "

Puck drop is set for 7:30 with a number of festivities taking place prior to the game.

Tickets are just $5 each and are available at Ruff's Furniture.