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The Giant Novelty Cheque made the hand off today at our local Tim Hortons, giving nearly 13 thousand to the Dauphin And District community foundation is thrilled to give it back.

Darren Eddie is excited to see what this money can do for the community.

"Darren Eddie from The DDCF is ready to fund a lot of projects with this money. it builds our ability, and you can watch the new rainbow grow on our new sign and let get the numbers up there so we can support even more."

Local Tim Hortons Franchisee Greg Chrisanti is happy to give back as well.

"I can't take credit for it. It the team, it's the community coming in. Everyone who came in and picked up a cookie is making it happen."

Selling the second most cookies in the province is no small feat, but location manager Suzzy Ahuday is ready to do it all again for the next cookie campaign.

"It's a really really huge thing for us, and of course for Dauphin and the community. It's a good cause, and hopefully we'll get the number one next year when we do this fundraiser."

Over 17 thousand cookies flew out of the store and just a weeks time.

And who knows, maybe next time Dauphin will take sweet victory for the number one cookie sales in Canada.