It’s Rotary radio week at 730 CKDM, and today’s featured member is Kathy Bellemare.

Most people know Kathy as a City Councillor, but she also spends some of her time with the Rotary Club of Dauphin. She joined the club in 2007.

“Well I saw a lot of things that Dauphin Rotary was doing around the community and they just seemed like a neat group of people that were making things happen and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Kathy talked about some of the Rotary Club’s initiatives.

“A lot of people know Dauphin Rotary because of the wine tasting and the Mud Run, those are two very successful events, but unfortunately those are no longer events that we will be holding. However, we still have some other great ones. Our book sale has been around for years. We have some new initiatives, most recently we had our first Riding Mountain half marathon, there are some other types of sporting events, there are Moose Knuckle events, and we help out with the Kings games, make pancakes for the air cadets when they have their camp here. It kind of varies from year to year, plus we have some events that happen every year.”

Kathy talked about how people can join the rotary Club.

“One of the things that a person could do is contact a person who is a member of Rotary and see what happens. We also have a Dauphin rotary website.”

Kathy says that anyone can join the Rotary club, and they currently have members of various age groups.

Tomorrow on Rotary Radio Week, CKDM is featuring Jean-Louis Guillas.