Last week Maclean's magazine came out with its annual rankings for universities across the nation.

On the list of primarily undergraduate universities, Brandon University ranked 18th out of 19 schools.

BU's Media Director Grant Hamilton says what the magazine is looking at isn't necessarily what the university is most worried about, 

"It's a pretty typical ranking for the last few years, and Maclean's collects a lot of data, and there's other rankings out there as well. How you rank really depends on the perspective that you bring to it, so the things that we're looking at, that's important to us, aren't necessarily the things that Maclean's is looking at. What we are sticking with is doing the best we can for our community and our region, that's Brandon, that's Westman, that's all of Manitoba."

Hamilton pointed out that what BU cares about most is the community and not how they stack up against the elite schools in Canada,

"The most important thing is what we can bring to our students here to our alumni here in the region and to the parents and to the faculty and the staff as well. That's what we are focused on, not necessarily on what we look like when we are ranked against the University of Toronto or McGill."

Hamilton noted that it's always interesting to see the magazine's rankings, but they don't drive the university in everyday operations. 

BU was ranked 17th in 2020, moving one spot back for this year's rankings.