As time winds down to the PC leadership vote, we are just weeks away from Manitoba having a new premier.

MLA Brad Michaleski took a neutral stance on who he would prefer, Heather Stefanson or Shelly Glover,

"I think both of them have very, very strong qualities, very strong candidates. When Heather announced she was running, I did support her bid to run for premier. But again, both of them are very strong candidates, and I'll work with either one of them."

Michaleski expressed excitement for Manitoba to have its first female premier,

"I think it's great, again I'll just say, both of them are extremely strong candidates, they have a lot of experience that they bring to the table as leaders, and again I think Manitoba is going to be well served by either one of these strong leaders."

When asked about the alleged PC voting scandal, Michaleski wasn't impressed with the claim from the NDP,

"The NDP likes to start stories that may have no substance whatsoever. I've seen that a lot of times, so I'll leave that in the hands of the NDP."

The PC's will choose their new leader, who will automatically become the province's new premier on October 30th.