As COVID-19 restrictions ramp up in the province, many Manitobans are finding new ways to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend.

CKDM wanted to know how your plans have changed this year.

Karen from Dauphin says she will have to celebrate with her family virtually.

“Usually I’d go out for breakfast with my kids and then go to their house and hang out. It’s going to be different this year. We’lll probably facetime.”

We spoke with Jesse from Dauphin, who is making the best of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Well we’re working on a campsite at home because of COVID restrictions, so if the weather is nice we’ll go and have a barbeque and relax.”

Mitchell From Dauphin says his usual plans to hit the golf course won't change this weekend.

“I’d go golfing with my mom usually, go to the golf course for breakfast and all of that, have fun. It’s going to be the same this year since golf courses are open.”

When asked about how she'd like to celebrate in the future, Kaylee from Dauphin says she’d love to take her mom traveling.

“I would love to go to Europe with my mom because we both love Ireland and the U.K. and the culture. I’d definitely want to backpack with my mom in Europe”

Dylan from Dauphin says he's hoping people can get back to their usual celebrations soon.

"I'd just like them to be able to go back to their normal lives because they'd like to get back and I'd like to get back to that too."