In two weeks, we may get a more accurate picture of just how many Canadians have contracted COVID-19.

The executive director of Canada’s Immunity Task Force says 40,000 samples of donated blood are being analyzed for signs of COVID antibodies.

By the end of the month, the task force hopes to have even more detailed information on case numbers in Canada, including age and geography.

Outlook For Manitoba

Here in Manitoba, case numbers have been relatively low since we began the ‘phased’ approach to reopening.

Since Phase One began on May 4, Manitoba has reported 45 cases — 8 of which have been in the Prairie Mountain Health region.

There have been 325 confirmed and probable cases identified in Manitoba since the start of the pandemic. In the most recent update from the province, there were 16 active cases, nobody in hospital because of the virus, and a total of 7 deaths.

Experts say Manitoba’s success battling the novel coronavirus is in large part due to following public health measures.

Some officials warn that our low case numbers could foster a false sense of security, and are encouraging Manitobans to continue following the directives of public officials to limit the spread of the virus.