An 80-year-old Métis Elder is walking from Ashern to Winnipeg in protest of the federal government’s treatment of Métis people.

John Morrisseau started the walk from Ashern on July 2nd, and made it to Lundar that night.

Metis Walk Route

Morrisseau tells CKDM he will continue to protest until the federal government addresses issues regarding Métis land claims, Métis veterans, and the legacy of Métis children who attended Day Schools.

He says these issues have been continuously left out and disregarded by the federal government.

“We’ve been landless for 150 years, and I think that’s discrimination by the federal government and the way in which they’ve been treating us.”

The Métis Elder’s walk will end in Winnipeg, but Morrisseau hopes the impact of his protest makes its way to Ottawa.

“We have to realize that a major part of this protest is against the federal government. So therefore, Im not sure how we can stop in Winnipeg — we’re going to have to go further,” he said.