The Manitoba Junior Hockey League joined the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League earlier this week in Regina for a Showcase event.

The event featured three all-star teams from the MJHL and SJHL and each team played two games. This year, Manitoba got the best of Saskatchewan as they won four of the six contests. They also won four of the last five games after Saskatchewan opened up the event with a 1-0 win.

This was the third year running for the event. In the first event during the 2018 season, the SJHL went 4-1-1. At last year's event, Saskatchewan went 4-1-0-1 and they had two games where they scored eight goals.

This year, however, was different as the MJHL put together some very strong rosters en route to getting the edge. Mike Stackhouse called all of the action from the Cooperators Centre and he shares his thoughts.

"The quality of hockey is very, very good. The calibre of play is top-notch, but it's also very emotional," said Stackhouse. "You can tell that both provinces want to win, they don't want to lose. It was a great event with six really good games."

There has been a lot of talk in the past that the SJHL is a better league than the MJHL. However, Stackhouse isn't sure that's a correct statement, specifically after this year when they MJHL came out on top.

"There's nothing really to separate the two leagues, both are pretty much in a dead heat," added Stackhouse. "It was nice to see Manitoba win the majority of games this go around."

Dauphin had plenty of representation at the event. Eight Kings in all took part. Grady Hobbs led it offensively as he scored twice and added one assist. Brayden Pawluk and Carter Sawchuk also scored. Nakodan Greyeyes, Austin Lamotte, and Baron Thompson all looked solid as well.

"Grady definitely stood out for me. He was a threat to do something almost every time he was on the ice," continued Stackhouse. "I really liked the emotion that Baron Thompson brings to the game. Sometimes you don't see the big guys mix it up, but Baron certainly does."

Here are the scores from the entire event:

Game #1 - Team Kunitz (SJHL) beat Team Belfour, 1-0.

Game #2 - Team Zajac (MJHL) beat Team Mitchell (SJHL), 4-1.

Game #3 - Team Garbutt (MJHL) beat Team Schwartz (SJHL), 5-2.

Game #4 - Team Zajac (MJHL) beat Team Kunitz (SJHL), 4-3.

Game #5 - Team Belfour (MJHL) beat Team Mitchell (SJHL), 4-3.

Game #6 - Team Schwartz (SJHL) beat Team Garbutt (MJHL), 8-6.