Two Dauphin golfers joined a club that is for perfect shots on Par 3's.

Playing in the Agassiz Cup at the Clear Lake Golf Course, Mike Sparrow and Regan Hedley took advantage of the 17th hole.

First, it was Sparrow who aced the hole. Three groups after, it was Regan's turn. He also aced the hole with Sparrow watching.

"It was a pretty incredible feeling," said Hedley. "A few of the other guys were up on the 18th tee box watching, including Sparrow, so that added to it."

This was Regan's third ace throughout his golf career, which has included a ton of excellent rounds.

"To truly describe it, it was mayhem, as most hole-in-one celebrations are," he concluded. "I don't think the feeling of getting an ace ever gets old."

The Agassiz Cup is an annual 20-team tournament.