The West Nile virus season this year in Manitoba resulted in no human cases being reported.

A provincial spokesperson said this stat is in line with what’s been happening across Canada and the U.S, with both countries seeing low years for West Nile.

There were 32 reported human cases of West Nile in the province in 2018 and 5 in 2017.

Similar low years in Manitoba occurred in 2010 and 2011.

West Nile cases are determined by environmental factors like temperatures and mosquito populations. Manitoba experienced low numbers this year due to the cool spring and dry conditions through the summer.

80 percent of those exposed to West Nile will not develop or will have very mild symptoms. Though it is believed that exposure to West Nile is thought to give immunity, it can fade as time goes on. West Nile has been in Manitoba since 2002, but people should not expect that they are immune and should continue to take precautions.